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Top Tips: Everything You Need To Create A Contemporary Bathroom

Posted on by Raynesway Tile Warehouse

Modern interior design can be notoriously difficult to get right, with styles seeming to change on a regular basis and it being difficult to find all the right materials and bathroom furniture to make the design work, consistently.

Well search no more – thanks to this essential advice, along with our fantastic range of bathroom tiles and furnishings, here at the Raynesway Tile Warehouse we can provide you with everything you need to make that look complete. From design to materials, and installation to those final finishing touches, we’re with you every step of the way to create that perfect modern bathroom.

Simple & Stylish Designs

The contemporary look, whether it’s in the bathroom or elsewhere in your home, is all about simplicity and a minimalistic design. Clean, straight lines are paramount to your furnishings (bath/shower aside), so simple square sinks, cabinets and freestanding units are important.

Make use of those cabinets, too, as clutter is a cardinal sin of modern interior design. By making use of space-saving furniture and storage units, you make the bathroom feel much more stylish, open and spacious.

When it comes to tiles, simple designs and colours work best here. Muted creams and whites or polished concrete grey are the best colours to go for when picking floor tiles – check out our full range in our showroom for the perfect modern bathroom tiles. They look clean and stylish and their simplicity helps to maintain that minimalistic feel.

Stand-Out Furnishings

With a broadly minimalistic setup going on, opting for standout bath or shower fittings really gives your bathroom a chance to shine. If opting for a bath,a stylish square look with clean lines works really well and serves as something of a centrepiece to the whole room.

Alternatively, if you’re making the most of your space and are opting purely for a shower then faucets and shower heads directly mounted to the wall help make it stand out. Wet rooms also work particularly well in modern bathrooms creating a smooth, uniform feel to the room as well as serving as a shower system that’s universally accessible and stylish at the same time.

If you’re hoping to renovate your bathroom, and want to go for a stylish contemporary look with the room’s design, then look no further than us here at the Raynesway Tile Warehouse. Pop down to our showroom to check out our full range or call us on 01332 757070 for more information and expert advice.

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