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Ceramic Tiles In Derby, Ashbourne And Belper

Your kitchen and bathroom are two of the most important rooms in your home. That’s why here at Raynesway Tile Warehouse we love being able to supply our customers with the perfect tiling for both of those rooms. For our money, there’s little better value for money than ceramic tiles.Let’s face it, you need both rooms to be as comfortable, clean and attractive as you want. They’re both rooms that serve important functions while being places of relaxation and comfort. That makes your choice of wall and floor surfaces important in being able to strike this fine balance.

Whether it’s keeping your shower area in the bathroom protected against water and humidity, or keeping your kitchen floor clean and easily maintained, ceramic tiles come with fantastic benefits at great cost. We stock a fantastic range of unique, detailed and gorgeous ceramic tiles here at Raynesway Tile Warehouse – and we believe you’ll find just what you need. We’ve curated our enormous collection over our many years in the industry. We only stock ceramic tiles from the best brands that we trust and love ourselves. Being able to provide great value for money for our customers is always at the forefront of our minds. That’s why we always aim to strike a fine balance between luxury and affordability when it comes to choosing the ceramic tiles we want in our varied range.

Ceramic Tiles For Your Kitchen Or Bathroom

Ceramic tiles for either the walls or floors of your kitchen and bathroom are a fantastic way of ensuring that you can keep your surfaces clean, maintaining great hygiene compared to other surface materials. If you’re worried about scratches, stains or cracks, ceramic tiles are also incredibly durable. With a little maintenance, ceramic tiles can keep their original bright and brilliant look for years to come. But if you’re worried that the affordability, cleanliness and durability of ceramic tiles means compromising on looks and style, we’re here to let you know that that’s not the case. As we said, our range of ceramic tiles is vast and varied. Whether you’re looking for small and mosaic-esque tiles decorated in a unique and catching design, or extra large, impressive and eye catching tiles, then we’ve got something in stock for you.

Modern techniques mean that ceramic tiles can take on all kinds of looks, styles, shapes and colours. There’s the chance to get really creative with your interior design. From brick, triangular and rectangular shapes, you can find patterned designs to suit your taste and style. Not to mention the fact that ceramic tiles are now produced to imitate other surfaces. Always wanted hardwood flooring but want a more cost effective and easy to maintain surface? Always wanted natural stone tiling for your bathroom walls but turned off by the costs? Ceramic tiles are a fantastic solution for you.

Worried about committing to a new wall or floor surface without seeing it in person? We understand: it can be difficult to fully get a feel for how something is going to look just by seeing pictures and reading a description. That’s why we invite any and everyone considering installing ceramic tiles to visit us here at our Derby based showroom. You can sit down and have a chat with our friendly team of experts about what it is you’re hoping to find, and we can help to guide you to the perfect tiling for your home. We’re always happy to sit down for a chat about how you envision your kitchen and bathroom looking. Kids are welcome to join, and we’ve got television and snacks to keep them entertained! Also: not only will we help you find the perfect tiles for you, but we’ll also help to recommend you a local tile fitter.

Why Choose Ceramic Tiles For Your Kitchen Or Bathroom?

– Water Resistance

Glazed ceramic floor and wall tiles have a tough protective layer on top. This is what makes them resistant and durable to water and stains, ensuring that they last longer in areas that either see a lot of water or humidity. This is why they are so popular for wet areas such as your bathroom and kitchen. In your kitchen, spills are probably quite common place. And in your bathroom, you want flooring that can withstand water, and walls that are resistant to humidity. Ceramic tiles are a fantastic option for both your kitchen and bathroom because of their water resistance. This allows you to not worry about your flooring becoming damaged due to water and liquids, and leaving any spills or accidents to be easily dealt with. As with all tiling, the grout between ceramic tiles are susceptible to moisture and staining. We always recommend that our customers frequently seal their tiles for protection – allowing your ceramic tiles to last longer.

– Durability

As well as being water resistant, ceramic tiles are also crack resistant. Ceramic flooring is incredibly tough and the tiles are difficult to damage. Installed by experts, ceramic tiling on your floors and walls can last for years with some simple and easy maintenance. Because of the glazed surface, ceramic tiling has an extra tough layer that makes it resistant to surface impacts, scratches and flaws.This level of durability makes it perfect for long lasting and hard wearing flooring, whether that be in your kitchen or bathroom. You don’t need to worry about installing ceramic floor tiling anywhere in your home with high footfall – it’s designed to cope with this. Dropping things isn’t much of a concern because of the durability, but even if a tile does crack due to a severe and hard impact, replacing individual tiles is incredibly easy.

– Simple And Easy Maintenance

Compared to other surfaces and flooring solutions, ceramic tiling is incredibly easy to maintain. Liquids, dirt and stains all lie on the surface of the tiling, meaning that you can quickly and easily wipe or mop your tiles clean. It really doesn’t take very much time out of your day to properly maintain glazed ceramic tiles.Regular proper maintenance consists of just sweeping or vacuuming with a soft brush end – this will easily keep your ceramic floor tiling free from loose dirt, hair and little bits and pieces. We always recommend regularly mopping with a standard duty floor cleanser to ensure your floor is free from any food leftovers, germs and stains. This makes ceramic floor tiling a great choice for anyone who needs to keep dust and germs to an absolute minimum. Using a more heavy duty cleanser will help to remove set in stains and restore your ceramic tiles to their original look.

– A Cheap Solution

Ceramic tiles bring a whole load of benefits to using them – all while being an incredibly cost effective solution. Ceramic tiles are one of the most affordable flooring materials out there on the market. If you’ve never installed ceramic tiling before, you might be shocked by just how cheap you can get it, with pricing per square foot. You get all the durability, water resistance, cleanliness and easy maintenance at a very low cost. Of course, if you’re considering using more high end and bespoke ceramic tiling, the costs will rise. On average, the detailed your design and the higher quality the installation, the more you’ll pay. But even then, ceramic tiles themselves come incredibly cheap for such a versatile and hard wearing material. You can install ceramic tile floors knowing that they will last for years – that’s why you know it’s cost effective.

– Clean And Hygienic

Ceramic tiles have a solid and hard surface. This means that it doesn’t attract dust or dirt, and it won’t allow these to settle. When small particles like pollen and other allergens land on a ceramic floor, there’s no way for them to sink into the surface This means that they simply lie on top and are easily cleaned away with a mop, sponge or brush. Homes with ceramic floor tiles have a lot less dust in the atmosphere, meaning that the air around your home is healthier and cleaner. For people who have asthma or dust and pollen related allergens, this is perfect as it massively reduces the ability for these allergens to settle in your home, and keeps the air free of any irritating materials.This is also a huge benefit to family homes with young children. When your kids are young they like to crawl around and explore whatever they can. It’s always a worry for parents when you’re not sure what they might be picking up from a dirty floor. With ceramic floor tiling, you can easily keep on top and make sure that your kitchen and bathroom floors stay clean and hygienic, allowing your children to crawl and investigate without picking up anything nasty.

– Plenty Of Designs To Choose From

There are quite literally thousands of different designs available to you when you choose ceramic tiling for your kitchen or bathroom. Give our Derby showroom a visit and discover our massive range of different ceramic tiles – no matter the shape, style, colour, design or texture you’re looking for, we’re bound to have what you’re looking for. Whether you’re looking for small mosaic-esque tiles to add colour and flair to your bathroom, or you want extra large tiles that make your living space seem more grandiose and vast, pop down to Raynesway Tile Warehouse for a look at what we’ve got. These days, modern manufacturing techniques mean that producers of ceramic tiles can produce tiles with a number of different appearances and styles. Tile can be made with bespoke patterns and coloured designs, and you can even have ceramic tiles that reproduce the appearance of hardwoods and natural stones. The selection of textures, styles, shapes and colours on offer here at Raynesway Tile Warehouse is vast, not to mention that ceramic tiles can be cut into many different shapes, such as planks, rectangular and triangular shapes.

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