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Bathroom and Kitchen Wall Tiles in Derby & Belper

Your kitchen and bathroom are two of the most important rooms in your house. Aside from the bedroom, they’re probably the two rooms that you spend the most time in. You want them to be functional rooms, but you also need them to be attractive and a space in which you can relax and feel comfortable.

This can be a difficult balance to find. However, by choosing the right tiles for your bathroom or kitchen, you can achieve that. We always recommend wall tiles, because we think that they are the most versatile surface solution. With wall tiles, you can make sure your kitchen and bathroom are clean, easily maintained, durable and attractive. Here at Raynesway Tile Warehouse, we have a fantastic range of luxury wall tiles for you to choose from. Interested? You’re invited down to our Derby-based showroom, where our fantastic and friendly staff will help you to discover the perfect kitchen and bathroom wall tiles for your home!

While bringing a number of great functional benefits to your home, wall tiles are also incredibly versatile. With wall tiles, you can get creative with the design, finding a style and tone that’s a perfect match for your home. Wall tiles are a wonderful way of easily giving your kitchen or bathroom a new lease of life with a creative and unique style.

We have curated our range over a number of years in order to supply our customers with tiles that are of great quality and yet are also affordable. We know it’s difficult to know exactly what you want for your walls from behind a computer screen. So that’s why we invite you down to our showroom in Derby, where you can touch and feel our wall tiles and better decide which are right for your home. When you know what look you want, we’ll also help recommend a local fitter to carry out the installation for you.

Our Range Of Wall Tiles

Installing new wall tiles in your kitchen or bathroom is a quick and easy way of giving these rooms a huge spruce up. Our enormous range here at Raynesway means that you can choose the perfect combination of texture, colour, style and shape that you want for your wall tiles. Our collection mainly consists of:

  • Ceramic tiles
  • Mosaic tiles
  • Porcelain tiles
  • Natural stone tiles

Our ceramic tiles are affordable, easily cleaned and very low maintenance, while also being very durable. Mosaic tiles are a more luxurious choice, perfect if you’d like a colourful, patterned and reflective wall surface – there’s a great variety of shapes and sizes to choose from.

Porcelain tiles are a great wall tile choice – both easily maintained and very scratch resistant. It doesn’t take much work to keep your porcelain wall tiles looking brand new. Natural stone tiling for your kitchen or bathroom walls can lend a lovely contemporary look and style. With a choice of limestone, marble, granite, slate and more, there’s plenty to choose from for elegant wall tiles!

Why Are Wall Tiles Better Than The Alternatives?

A lot of people find themselves drawn to the low material and work costs of wall surfaces like paint and wallpaper. However, we believe that there are a range of benefits to wall tiles that make them a great alternative.

– Easy to clean

Spills and stains happen – it’s just a part of life at home. That makes surfaces that are easy to clean particularly appealing. Dirt and blemishes can quickly ruin a nice paint job or some new wallpaper. Tiles, on the other hand, are incredibly easy to clean and keep looking shiny and new.

Marks and dirt can really detract from a room’s sense of style and comfort. Alongside this is the fact that recoating your kitchen walls or bathroom walls with fresh paint or new wallpaper means additional costs. After the initial costs, there’s very little re-investment needed for wall tiles.

– Your waterproof walls

Under wet and moist conditions, paint and wallpaper can easily begin to peel and even harbour mould. Tiles, however, are waterproof by their nature, reducing your risk of mould substantially.

In functional rooms such as your kitchen, and particularly your bathroom, this feature is hugely valuable. You can easily use a cloth or sponge and some cleaning product to keep your wall tiles shiny and clean.

– Versatility

When it comes to the walls of your bathroom, kitchen and other rooms in your home, you need to find a design that reflects your own individual style. Here at Raynesway, we feel this is easy to achieve by choosing a matt or glossy tile in a large or small format, will create the look you are striving for.Wall tiles come in a wide range of different sizes, shapes, styles, colours and designs. With them, you can ensure that the walls of your home match your unique style.

– Durability

Ever get sick of having to recoat your walls with fresh paint or wallpaper on a regular basis, just to keep up with the unavoidable general wear and tear of daily living? A lot of people do, and here at Raynesway, we completely understand. We like the fact that wall tiles are such a durable and resistant walling solution that combines style and flexibility with strength and reliability.

Regardless of the costs of your tiles and their installation (if not installing them yourself), tiles last long enough to more than prove their worth and ensure cost-effectiveness in the long term. High-quality and professionally-installed tiles can last for years to come – a great solution for anyone sick of repainting their walls every few years!

What’s The Difference Between Wall Tiles And Floor Tiles?

You might be wondering what exactly the difference is between wall tiles and floor tiles. After all, how different can they be? Whether you’re looking for wall tiles or floor tiles, the surface and the base material (biscuit) may look the same but there is a difference:

Wall Tiles – These are generally made from a white or red clay base (biscuit) then coated with a wall glaze finish which is generally softer than a floor glaze finish, as it is not required to have the structure or strength needed to withstand constant wear as a floor tile is.

Floor Tiles – These are predominantly made (nowadays) from porcelain which is a much more dense and harder type of clay therefore making a porcelain tile more robust. Generally the glaze (surface coating) fired to a floor tile is harder than a wall tile glaze which makes it a lot more resistant to wear and scratching etc. Some porcelain tiles do not have any glaze surface whatsoever, so the glaze wear is irrelevant in this situation, but they may need a seal to prevent any staining.

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