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Outdoor Tiles

Our Guide to Outdoor Tiles

Outdoor tiles can be a great choice for your outdoor spaces. They give you brilliant and smart-looking outdoor space that is incredibly durable, functional and versatile. Unlike wooden patios, garden tiles don’t need too much maintenance and are incredibly weatherproof, so even throughout the winter months, you don’t have to spend time outdoors in the cold! You can also use outdoor tiles to improve your driveway and give your property a great-looking, durable and affordable entrance porch or driveway space.

Our outdoor tiles are frost-resistant, so you don’t have to worry about your tiles deteriorating when the weather drops in the winter months, and they’re also slip-resistant, particularly some of the more textured models.

Finally, outdoor tiles are very durable. They are incredibly hardwearing, making them fade resistant, scratch-resistant and very easy to clean! They are fired at very high temperatures during the production process to help make them as strong and long-wearing as possible! Most outdoor ties are also non-porous, meaning they don’t have any little holes for dirt, water or debris to get stuck in, meaning all you have to do is wipe or mop them clean for a smart, sparkling finish.


The tile showroom we have here at Raynesway Tile Warehouse is one of the largest in the Derbyshire area. This allows us to stock and provide our customers with an extensive selection of stylish and versatile tiles, including our popular outdoor tile range. We’ve got everything from ceramic and porcelain to patterned and natural stone tiles. There are many factors that make outdoor tiles the ideal material of choice for your exterior, some of which can be found below.

Benefits of Outdoor Tiles

Weather and Frost  Proof

Outdoor tiles will not break, crack, blemish or cause risk of harm in any form of weather. They have incredibly low absorption rates, as they are made from an impermeable material, making them completely frost-proof too, ideal for slippy outdoor surfaces.

Strong and Scratch Resistant

Strong outdoor tiles need to be able to withstand heavy footfall and furniture, without scratching, which proves to be no problem for our range of outdoor tiles! 

Anti-Slip and Resistant to Mould

Materials like wood or plastic can become slippery when wet. Others can become equally as hazardous if moss or mould covers the surface of the material. Our outdoor tiles are resistant to moss and mould, keeping you and your family safe from any embarrassing trips or slips!

Minimal Maintenance

Once your outdoor tiles are installed, there really isn’t much else you need to do aside from conduct an occasional sweep with a standard sweeping brush. You may occasionally like to give the tiles a quick jet wash, but that’s as intense as maintenance really gets! 

Transform Your Outdoors with Outdoor Tiling

Outdoor tiles can be used to transform just about any outdoor space and environment. Some of the most common areas that have proven to be popular with fans of tiling can be seen below. If you have anything else in mind, we are confident with over 25 years of experience that we can turn your idea into a reality. Just call us on 01332 75 70 70 to discuss your needs and our range in more detail.

Patio Tiles

When you’re looking for a beautiful new patio area for you and your loved ones to enjoy, there’s only one real choice of floor material that will do it justice. Outdoor patio tiles will provide the perfect finishing touch and help you totally transform your property’s exterior. Here at Raynesway Tile Warehouse, we have an extensive and stylish selection of outdoor tiles, so you can really jazz up your garden!

Balcony Tiles

Restore and beautify your beloved balcony with our stunning selection of outdoor tiles. Available in a wide variety of colours, designs and textures – you really can customise your balcony space to suit your exact ideas and requirements. Perfect in all weather conditions and with ridiculously low maintenance, once they’re installed you needn’t worry about a thing!

Decking Tiles

Transform your property’s exterior with ease using our durable decking tiles. Our variety of outdoor tiles for your outside decking offer quick and easy assembly, a magnificently high-quality product and extremely good value for money. Now that everything under your feet is solid and sorted, time to focus on that BBQ!

The tile showroom we have here at Raynesway Tile Warehouse is one of the largest in the Derbyshire area. This allows us to stock and provide our customers with an extensive selection of stylish and versatile tiles, including our popular outdoor tile range.

We’ve got everything from ceramic and porcelain to patterned and natural stone tiles. There are many factors that make outdoor tiles the ideal material of choice for your exterior, some of which can be found below.

Pros of Outdoor Tiles

Strong, Durable and Weather Resistant

Outdoor tiles will not break, scratch or crack under the pressure of heavy footfall or furniture. Impermeable qualities mean they will not blemish or pose any danger during adverse weather conditions, which is great news when you live in Britain! They’re also completely frost-proof too.

Anti-bacteria, Anti-slip and Anti-Mould

Outdoor tiles are resistant to frost, moss and mould – keeping you on your feet at all times instead of posing a potential slip risk. They also do not contain chemically active properties, preventing the development of mould, viruses, fungi and other bacteria.

Easy to Maintain

Once installed there really isn’t much that you need to do to maintain outdoor tiles, making them the easiest option when it comes to upkeep. Simply give them a routine sweep with a standard sweeping brush, and perhaps an occasional jet wash, and you’re all good.

Environmentally Friendly

Ceramic and porcelain tiles are made of natural clay and other raw materials, and they do not require the over-exploitation of natural resources. The same can be said for our natural stone tiles.

Cons of Outdoor Tiles

Initial Cost

This depends on which type of outdoor tile material you choose, as porcelain is typically more expensive than concrete slabs or other alternatives available on the market. However, the long lasting nature of outdoor tiles, coupled with their very low maintenance requirements, makes them very cost effective in the long run.


Installation is not usually a DIY task, especially if you have no experience in installing outdoor tiles. If you make a mistake or get something wrong, it could lead to damage or expensive repairs later on down the line. To achieve the safest, most efficient and most visually appealing results – it is always best to rely on a professional.

Machinery Required

Specialist and reinforced machinery is often required during the installation process, especially when cutting your outdoor tiles to size. Again, it is often more cost effective and a lot easier to hire a professional person or team who will bring their own specialist equipment.

Why Choose Raynesway Tile Warehouse?

You don’t have to break the bank or wait until you win the lottery before you can install the outdoor flooring of your dreams. Our outstanding outdoor tiles come at affordable prices, no matter your taste, preference or needs. We can help you choose your ideal tiles of choice and then supply you with an experienced and trusted tradesperson to fit them for you.

Raynesway Tile Warehouse is a family-run business, passionate and focused on providing a high-quality service with expert advice and a personal touch. Get in touch today to discuss your needs or ideas!

How Do Outdoor Tiles Compare with the Alternatives?

Artificial Grass

Artificial grass is an excellent low maintenance choice for your exterior, providing a beautiful and natural-looking green space. This doesn’t require the maintenance of an authentic grass lawn as it does not need to be watered or mowed.

One major benefit of artificial grass is that it is more pet and child friendly than outdoor tiles. Both can play and roll around on it without risk of injury or harm from allergens. However, this material is not as easy to clean as porcelain or stone tiles are, and it is not as weather resistant either.


Timber decking is very affordable and when done right, can also create a stunning feature for your property. However, the cheaper the material the more maintenance it will require and the more prone it will be to mould, rot or insect infestation. It’s also quite difficult to install.

Composite decking requires slightly less maintenance and is typically easier to work with, but is more expensive. Neither of them offer the same anti-slip, anti-mould or weather resistant properties that outdoor tiles do.


Brick is strong, durable and provides a decent aesthetic finish. It also requires very little maintenance and is environmentally conscious too, being made from almost all natural materials.

However, water retention is a big issue with brick as it is a naturally porous material. If not sealed properly it can retain water, leading to issues with mould and mildew later down the line.

To find out more or to take a look at our range of outdoor tiling, please get in touch or pay a visit to our Derby Showroom!