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Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl floors are ideal for any room of the house due to their flexibility, adaptability and a wide variety of different looks. From faux-tile to wood effects, you can create a room that looks exactly the way you want it to with vinyl flooring solutions from Raynesway Tile and Bathroom Warehouse.

Raynesway Tile and Bathroom Warehouse is your number one choice for vinyl tiles in Derbyshire and the surrounding counties such as Nottinghamshire and Staffordshire. We provide the best flooring solutions for your home or business.

Vinyl floors are now available in a click format, which is also waterproof and easy to install, making them great for use in kitchen and bathroom environments. They’re incredibly easy to clean – you only need cleaners and warm water – so are ideal for hallways, and utility rooms, to stop muddy boots from causing havoc all over the house!

Budget-friendly, super durable and easy to maintain, vinyl floors are perfect for households with small feet or muddy paws running around all day. At Raynesway Tile and Bathroom Warehouse, we can help choose a high-quality vinyl flooring that is perfect for your home and family.

Trust our supply service for all your vinyl tiling needs; from small and tricky spaces to large areas, we can do it all.

Why Vinyl Tiles?

What are the advantages of choosing vinyl tiles from Raynesway Tile and Bathroom Warehouse? Well, what follows are just some of the reasons you should choose us:

Cost efficiency – With Raynesway Tile and Bathroom Warehouse’s super competitive rates on vinyl flooring, you have a budget-friendly option for conventional flooring. In general, vinyl won’t hit you in the pocket as much as alternative materials for flooring, such as natural stone or hardwood.

Long-lasting – In spaces that are frequently used such as kitchens or offices, click vinyl tiles will stand the test of time. You can typically use them for long periods without noticeable wear and tear – this makes click vinyl tiles a popular choice for busy homes, commercial and industrial locations. Click vinyl tiles can last for decades and you can usually expect a manufacturer’s warranty of five to twenty years depending on the installation area.

Easy to replace – You’ll be glad that you chose vinyl tiles should you ever want to change the style of your flooring or use the same click vinyl tiles in another space. Why? Well, it’s because they are so easy to remove and replace. This is also a benefit if there is an incident in which one of the tiles becomes damaged. It is a lot easier and cheaper to remove and replace than it is with some types of stone or wooden flooring.

A dream to maintain – High durability means low maintenance. Click vinyl tiles is extremely durable and can absorb most high impact situations meaning you’ll rarely have to worry about chips or other forms of wear and tear as you would if you opted for natural stone or wooden flooring. Click vinyl is easily cleaned with a variety of solutions, including chemical-based formulas and they are also resilient to rubbing and abrasion.

The choice is yours – When it comes to click vinyl tiles, you’ll find that there is a wide range of patterns and styles to choose from. In fact, many of them mimic the look of stone or wood, with looks such as terrazzo or porcelain. This means you can blend your click vinyl in with a variety of contemporary and traditional settings. When it comes to colours, you can select from a range of types and shades available right here at Raynesway Tile and Bathroom Warehouse.

Trust The Experts And Contact Us Today

With Raynesway Tile and Bathroom Warehouse, you won’t be waiting around for your new click vinyl. We offer speedy quotes with no obligation, and we are here to offer our expert advice on the style and specifications of your click vinyl.

So, let’s talk about click vinyl – call the Raynesway Tile and Bathroom Warehouse team today on 01332 492106.






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