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Carpets are some of the most popular flooring options today, and for good reason! They give a real warmth and cosiness to a room, and are soft, comfortable and easy to install, making carpets a great option for family homes with kids running around! They’re also a great insulator of heat, perfect those cold nights!

Carpets are also incredibly versatile, giving you more options for design and style than you can imagine! Whatever your vision is for your home, you’ll be able to find a carpet that fits it perfectly – patterns, bold shades, classy neutrals and more are all options for you when it comes to carpet flooring.


Carpet Versus Tiles

Although tiles are generally considered to be more durable than carpet, and tiling has a longer life span theoretically too, it is a lot more expensive to tile a room than it is to install a carpet. Carpets are cheaper and also a lot comfier, offering warmth and noise reduction qualities. You can also customise your carpets a lot more easily and cheaply than you can with tiles, allowing you to choose a style and colour that fully matches your personality and interior décor.

The Benefits of Carpet Flooring


When your carpet reaches the end of its life, it can be recycled into a new carpet or a range of other products. This includes including roofing materials and even automotive parts!

Bespoke Beauty and Style

Limitless styles and colours mean your choice of carpeting will reflect your own personality and truly enhance how you want your living space to look.

Comfort and Warmth

In colder weather, carpet retains warm air longer and acts as an energy conservation feature, saving you money and improving your carbon footprint in the long run. It’s also much comfier to walk, sit or play on that hardwood flooring or tiles.

Noise Absorption

Carpet helps to absorb the interior sounds of your home – from your TV to the sound of your feet on the floorboards below. The cushion pad beneath your carpet reduces noise even further, too.

Carpet Installation All Over the House

Bedroom Carpets

Who doesn’t want a comfortable and relaxing bedroom? Carpet is warm under the feet in the morning, it doesn’t make any noise and is comfortable to sit on. Maximum comfort level achieved! As there are an unlimited amount of styles and colours to choose from too, you can customise your floor’s comfort blanket to suit your taste and the décor of your boudoir.

Lounge Carpets

Carpet in your lounge or living room area provides a warm atmosphere and a comforting feeling beneath your feet – ideal for Sunday morning lounging! Of course, this room is usually subject to heavy traffic and footfall, so you’ll want to choose a carpet that is extra durable and long-lasting.

Carpeted Stairs and Hallways

Stairs and hallways aren’t exactly considered rooms, but they do still make up a large part of your property – one that is subject to high amounts of traffic too! You don’t spend much time in these areas, but you do pass through them quite a lot. Putting carpet on stairs provides additional grip and sound-absorbing features, reducing the noise of those late-night missions to the fridge!

Children’s Room Carpets

This one might seem silly – why one earth would you introduce carpet into the whirlpool of mess and chaos that is your children’s room or playroom? One spilt bottle of blackcurrant juice later, or one heavy crayon session later, and your perfectly new carpet is ruined, right? Wrong! These days you can order carpets that are made from materials that can be easily cleaned and maintained. Plus, carpet is a good choice for toddler filled rooms as it is soft, and any trips or falls will be cushioned. 

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