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Kitchen Tiles In Derby, Ashbourne And Belper

The kitchen is the heart of any home. It’s the most important room because it’s the one in which you relax, feed yourself and your family, and catch-up with family and friends. It needs to be a room of versatility, home to romantic candle-lit dinners, dinner parties with friends, and capable of withstanding family gatherings during holidays and birthdays.

It’s difficult to find the right balance comfort, practicality and style. You want a kitchen that you can relax in, is easy to keep clean and hygienic, and looks great all the while. With our range of luxury kitchen tiles you can achieve this while giving your living space a unique personal touch.

Here at Raynesway Tile Warehouse we’re a family run business. That means we understand the importance of the kitchen to you and your family. We specifically curate our huge range of tiles to be exquisite yet affordable. Our range of kitchen tiles has everything you could need to find the perfect tone and style for your kitchen. Get creative and find a unique atmosphere while giving your kitchen a new lease of life with our kitchen tiles!

Knowing which tiling is right just by looking at pictures on the internet isn’t particularly easy. If you want to feel the tiles with your own hands and find a texture that suits you, our wide range of tiling is showcased down at our Derby-based showroom. Our staff will welcome you in for a chat and try to help you find what you’re looking for. We won’t just supply you with the right tiles for your kitchen, but we can also find you a recommended tile fitter to fix your chosen range if required.

Our Range Of Kitchen Tiles

Whether you’re a homeowner hoping to replace your kitchen tiles, or a tradesman fitting an entirely new kitchen, replacing your tiling is a simple and efficient way of giving your kitchen a bit of a spruce up. Tiles are a fantastic and popular choice for kitchen surfaces because they are so easy to clean and maintain. A simple wipe down is often enough. It’s important that the area in which you and your family prepare and eat food is as hygienic as possible.

Tiles are also water resistant which is excellent for a kitchen surface. But knowing where to start when it comes to the appearance of your tiling can be difficult. Here at Raynesway Tile Warehouse we stock a huge range of high quality kitchen tiles. This means that you can find the perfect match of texture, shape, style and colour for your kitchen tiling. Our collection includes:

  • Ceramic tiles
  • Mosaic tiles
  • Porcelain tiles
  • Natural stone tiles

Ceramic tiles are an excellent low maintenance option. Ceramic kitchen floor tiles can be easily kept clean with a quick sweep or mop. They’re also very durable. Mosaic tiles are a luxury choice for people who want a colourful and reflective surface in their kitchen. Mosaic tiles are a great aesthetic choice for kitchen wall tiles because of the variety in shapes and sizes available.

Porcelain tiles are also great for kitchen wall tiles because they are both easy to maintain and scratch resistant. Porcelain tiles are available in neutral or colourful tones and last a very long time. Meanwhile, natural stone tiling can add a lovely contemporary feel to your kitchen floor. Choose between slate, granite, limestone and marble for a natural and elegant style!

Why You Should Choose Tiling For Your Kitchen

– They’re Easy To Maintain

Every kitchen has seen its fair share of spillages! Kitchens are a workplace and it’s inevitable that in all the hours you spend preparing food, something is going to get on your floor. Perhaps you have pets that leave hair everywhere, or you have young children that you don’t want crawling and playing on a dirty kitchen floor. Whatever the case, it makes sense that you want your kitchen floor to be as clean as possible.

Kitchen floor tiles are difficult to stain. They’re durable and very hard wearing, meaning that they’ll last for a longer time and won’t dent or warp. Best of all, they are incredibly easy to clean. A quick sweep and an occasional mop will do the job and leave you with a sparkling kitchen floor!

– Tiles Come In Many Shapes, Colours And Sizes

Here at Rayneway Tile Warehouse, one of our favourite things about tiling is the sheer flexibility and variety on offer. Tile printing technology has advanced a great deal over the past few years, meaning that a whole new range of creative and patterned tiles are available for homeowners. Whatever your personal style, there’s a tiling solution for you.

Kitchen floor tiles can replicate anything from concrete and marble flooring to pebbled pavements and earthy natural stone. There is so much on offer that there’s a big opportunity to get creative with your interior design. There’s tiling for just about any style you can think of, allowing you to find your own unique look.

– Simple And Hassle-free Installation

Compared to other types of flooring, tiling is quick, easy and straightforward to install. Tiling can be cut and reshaped to fit even the most awkward and fiddly sections of kitchen flooring and walls. Concrete needs to be poured and sealed which is expensive and time-consuming. Timber needs to be cut and treated before installation, while after installation constant maintenance is needed.

Even compared to natural stone flooring like slate or granite, tiling is incredibly simple to install and keep in good shape. Even the most durable kitchen tiles are able to be cut for different shapes, speeding you on your way to a new kitchen floor. An added bonus is that you can also install underfloor heating prior to tiling the new floor, which is not as expensive as you may think!

– Water Resistance

Wall and floor tiling is a great way of giving your kitchen extra water resistance. When washing up, cleaning, preparing food and drink and anything else – your kitchen has probably seen a lot of spillage in its time! Well, with tiled floors and walls, you won’t have to worry about this nearly as much.

Some tiles even have a tough protective layer on top, and because of the way tiles are installed they are incredibly resistant to water spills and staining. Compared to other surfaces, tiles cope very well in humid, moist or wet areas – making them a great choice for your kitchen! In your kitchen, you don’t want flooring that gets damaged, stained or ruined at the first drop of water. Plus, because water rests on the top of the tile surface, spills and accidents can be dealt with easily in minutes.

Of course, as with tiling of any kind, the grout is susceptible to moisture and staining. This is why here at Raynesway, we always recommend that our customers seal their tiles regularly for great protection – allowing your kitchen tiles to last for longer.

– Durability

As well as protecting your kitchen from water and other liquid spills, floor and wall tiles are an incredibly durable surface. While durability to different kinds of damage varies between different types of tiles, generally tiles are very crack and scratch resistant. If installed to a professional standard, kitchen tiling can last for years to come. Tiles are very difficult to damage, and with a little maintenance here and there, you can enjoy them for a very long time. A lot of tiling also features a glazed surface, improving their resistance to scratches and impact damage.

This durability makes our tiles perfect for your kitchen floor and walls. Your kitchen is one of the busiest rooms in your house, but you don’t have to worry about the tiles becoming damaged from high footfall. Your kitchen can also be pretty hectic, especially if you’ve got kids running about! It’s easy to drop things while cooking, preparing the table, or doing anything else. Thankfully, tiles are very resistant to impact damage. In the event that a tile does become damaged or cracked, it’s incredibly easy to replace individual tiles on a tiled floor.

– Keeping Your Kitchen Clean And Hygienic

By their very nature, kitchen tiles have a hard and solid surface. Why is this better than other surfaces for keeping your kitchen clean? Well, your kitchen tiles won’t attract dust and dirt, and won’t let them to settle into the material. When pollen and other allergens meet your tiled surface, there’s no way for them to latch on and linger. They remain on the surface, allowing you to quickly and easily clean them away with a mop or sponge.

Do you have kids in your house who spend a lot of time playing and running around in the kitchen? Everybody knows that kids love to get on their hands and knees and explore whatever they can. What you don’t want is for them to encounter lots of dirt, allergens and other bacteria while they’re playing – you never know what they’re going to pick up. With tiled kitchen floors, you can easily keep the surface clean, healthy and hygienic. If you’ve got a family pet, you can easily get rid of any hair they leave, or anything they bring in with them from the garden.

– A Great, Cost Effective Surface Solution

Tiles bring a number of great benefits when used for your kitchen walls and kitchen floor. And they do so while being one of the most cost effective surface solutions available to you. When it comes to finding attractive flooring for your kitchen, there are few options out there more versatile, durable and cost effective than kitchen tiles. If you’ve never searched for and installed kitchen tiles before, there’s a good chance you’ll be surprised by just how cheap you can get them.

You can benefit from the cleanliness, durability, water resistance and attractiveness of kitchen tiles while paying very little. One of the reasons kitchen tiles are so cost effective is because they last so long, requiring very little in the way of repair and maintenance. From the cheap initial cost, to the length of time before you’ll need to replace them, kitchen floor and wall tiles are great value for money.

If you’re considering using more bespoke and higher quality tiling, of course the prices will rise. A good rule of thumb is that the more detailed and luxurious your design, and the higher quality the installation, the more initial cost you’ll pay. But even the most expensive tiling compares incredibly well against other surfaces such as hardwood.

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We’re the top choice for kitchen tiles and accessories in the Derbyshire area. We take great pride in providing customers with tiling that’s both luxurious and affordable. If you’re interested in giving your kitchen a new lease of life, head down to our Derby-based showroom for a chat, or contact us on 01332 49 21 06 today to discuss our range in more detail.