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Artificial Grass

Our Guide to Artificial Grass

Artificial grass is a fantastic, low maintenance choice for all kinds of garden spaces. Artificial grass gives you a beautiful, natural-looking green space without the maintenance of a full grass lawn. That means no need to weed, water or mow your grass, just set it and forget it!
Artificial grass can also be used for lots of other areas in your outdoor spaces, such as pet habitats, swimming pools, roof gardens, play areas and putting greens, to name a few. They’re pet friendly and easy to clean, as many can just be sprayed and wiped down using regular detergent, making it simple to keep looking it’s best, as well as being soft and comfortable to walk, run and play on for little feet, or little paws!

Artificial grass is also popular for use on balconies as it gives your home a little bit of greenery. They’re also excellent for the environment, as they don’t need regular water or pesticides – great for smaller spaces and those of us who have neighbours close by. Finally, with around 13 million people in the UK suffering from hayfever each year, spring and summer can be miserable for lots of us. With grass pollen being one of the main culprits, artificial grass can provide hayfever sufferers with a bit of relief when gardens are in full bloom! The short length of artificial grass doesn’t just reduce pollen in your garden, it also doesn’t trap as much allergy-causing dust, dirt or debris as natural grass lawns.






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