Planning Your Bathroom: How To Get It Right

While the kitchen may be the social hub of the home, the bathroom is most people’s place to get away from it all, relax and pamper. With this in mind, when you’re refurbishing your bathroom you want to make sure you get it right, and that takes careful planning. Here at Raynesway Tile Warehouse, we have seen plenty of bathrooms over the years, so here are our top tips to ensure you get your bathroom design right.


If you are simply refurbishing your old bathroom, it may be worth trying to stick to the original layout as closely as possible. If you want to swap your bath and toilet around, it will probably require major re-plumbing work and could increase your overall refurbishment costs.


Storage is essential in any bathroom, to avoid having all your personal hygiene products on display to the world. Invest in some wall mounted cupboards for one side, or if you’re working with a small room, insert a cabinet behind your mirror above the sink.


It is vital that you choose your bathroom tiles carefully, as once they are in place it is very difficult to change them. Pick an overall colour scheme first, then select your tiles accordingly. Consider purchasing a couple of different coloured tiles to create a block effect, perhaps with one wall a different colour. We have a wide range of tiles to choose from at our warehouse in Raynesway.


Tiled flooring can be particularly cold, so we recommend underfloor heating for your bathroom to ensure your feet don’t get too chilly. It’s a very cost-effective heating solution, and eliminates the need for radiators allowing you more space. We will supply and fit underfloor heating across Ashbourne, Raynesway and Derby.

At Raynesway Tile Warehouse we don’t just offer tiles – we also provide bathroom units and accessories. If you’re refurbishing your bathroom in Ashbourne, get in touch today for more information. Visit our warehouse in Raynesway, call 01332 75 70 70 or contact us online.