How to Keep Your Kitchen Clean During the Coronavirus Lockdown

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It has ground the economy to halt, kept us indoors and has had people scrambling for the essentials at their local supermarkets. It’s no secret that the Coronavirus outbreak has changed all our lives in recent weeks. 

As well as these global issues, the Coronavirus pandemic has also made us look closer to home about how we can be more hygienic in our homes and in particular our kitchens. So, today we thought we’d talk about some top tips to make sure you’ve got a clean, Coronavirus-free kitchen.

Before You Use Your Kitchen, Make Sure It’s Clean

Don’t start cooking until you’ve cleaned your kitchen – not only will put you in the right headspace to create a culinary masterpiece but by cleaning your kitchen surfaces you’ll also be getting rid of any foodborne illnesses, virus particles and those lingering dishes you’ve been meaning to put in the dishwasher. 

And don’t worry, to clean your kitchen, you don’t really need anything special, simple soap and warm water are incredibly effective at defeating most viruses including the novel Coronavirus. 

Get Yourself A Clean Routine In Place

We’re all better when we’ve got a routine, floating from one thing to the other isn’t always the most productive or effective way to go about your business. The same can be said for cleaning your kitchen. 

Having a routine will ensure your cleaning products are getting used and kitchen surfaces are being cleaned. Further to that, having a clean routine means you won’t be using a towel or j-cloth that has already been used to clean food-preparation surfaces. In short, it keeps things in order and prevents cross-contamination

Wash Your Hands… And Use A Clean, Dry Dishtowel To Clean Them

We’ve been told it a million times since the first case was reported in the UK… wash your hands! And not just ‘wash your hands’, but wash them for 20 seconds with hot soapy water. Why? Well, not only is it the right, hygienic thing to do but it has also been shown that the novel Coronavirus outbreak has a fatty outer membrane (also known as a lipid) around each cell which is easily broken down and disrupted by soap and water – so by washing your hands you’re actually helping to flush the Coronavirus pandemic down the plughole!

When it comes to cooking, you should be washing your hands every time you’ve touched raw or uncooked meat, uncooked food, oily food or anything else that may have virus particles or foodborne illnesses present.

Transfer Food To Clean Containers

Once you’ve finished cooking up a storm be sure to transfer your food, be it fresh or leftovers, to clean containers that can be stored in the fridge or freezer for a long time. Doing this prevents it being left out on the side, attracting nasty bugs and making things inedible.

Further to that, it might be a good idea to move dried foods, grains, cereals and other cupboard items to clean containers. By doing this you’re all but guaranteeing there are no virus particles or nasty respiratory viruses on your containers.

If you’re unable to disinfect cardboard containers, packages and clean cans then the advice says you can leave them in a cupboard for 3-4 days as these materials aren’t exactly a fun place for the Coronavirus outbreak to live.

All this is just part of good food preparation, food safety and common sense!

Don’t Forget To Have Clean Floors

We walk on them, our pets walk on them, we drop stuff on them and yet it’s the last thing we think to clean. Making sure you’ve got clean floors is just as important as having clean kitchen countertops. All sorts of remaining germs are living there and it’s important to clean them, and your kitchen tiles, even if it’s just with warm, soapy water.

If you can use a disinfectant solution, a disinfectant spray or similar cleaning product, then that will provide the most thorough clean but as we said, warm soapy water on your floor tiles is just as effective. 

Don’t Bend Over Backwards To Clean, Adjust To Your Schedule!

We all lead busy lives (not so busy now, of course, thanks to quarantine, social distancing and predominantly working from home) and it’s important not to make cleaning your life’s work! It doesn’t have to look sparkling, smell amazing and gleam – as long as you have done all the basics and have put in a bit of elbow grease then you’ll have a clean, Coronavirus-free kitchen.

Keep Viral Wipes, Cleaning Aids And Cleaning Products Where You Can See Them

If all those items are at eye-level instead of tucked away at the back of the cupboard under the sink then it stands a chance that your clean routine will be kept spick and span. Having these items, especially viral wipes and disinfectant spray, around your kitchen countertops will ensure you’re able to quickly mop up that spillage, clean up that bit of food and wipe that spilt drink. All this will help remove any longer-lasting stains and remaining germs thus making your big clean easier and more manageable!

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