Invisible Comfort: The Benefits Of Underfloor Heating In Your Home

A luxury once reserved for the comfortably well-off, underfloor heating is no longer an unreachable dream for your home. Now more efficient and affordable than it’s ever been, underfloor heating can be the perfect addition to your home.

Although it’s particularly popular to install in bathrooms, where you usually have to tiptoe across cold tiles or laminate, the reduction in cost and increase in the efficiency and effectiveness of modern systems mean that it’s an ideal heating choice for any number of rooms in your house.

Saves Space

The beauty of underfloor heating is in the name – while the fact that it’s underneath your floor is one of the reasons why it’s so effective, it also means that you can comfortably heat any room in your house with a system that’s hidden and literally takes up no extra room.

By ditching bulky radiators in favour of any of our underfloor heating systems here at Raynesway Tile Warehouse, you’re able to open up your bathroom, living room or bedroom up with some welcome additional space.

Effective & Efficient Heating

By radiating heat from the ground up, instead of heating from the centre of the room like most conventional radiators, underfloor heating systems actually allow you to feel the benefit of the systems output.

As such, you get a much more noticeable heating benefit in lower areas of the room, whereas conventional radiators would leave floors cold and waste energy by heating more towards the ceiling. Plus, if you install underfloor heating in your bathroom, nothing beats stepping onto pre-heated floors first thing in the morning!

Lowers Heating Bills

This really rolls on from the fact that underfloor systems run much more efficiently than their radiator cousins – by heating your rooms more effectively with less energy used, your bills will be lower. It’s really as simple as that! Savings can be anything small such as under 15%, or as high as 40%, depending on the cost and effectiveness of your current heating system.

If you’re looking to reduce your heating bills, but at the same time increase the efficiency of your home’s heating system, then look no further than the underfloor heating ranges we offer here at Raynesway Tile Warehouse.

Our friendly knowledgeable team can help you pick the right size and type of system that meets your needs. Call us today on 01332 75 70 70 for expert advice and information on our full range of systems.