How to make your bathroom look bigger in 8 steps

For many of us, bathrooms can feel like a bit of a lacklustre space – we go in, do what we need to do, and get out. Typically, bathrooms are solely functional rooms, which means they are often small, cramped, and in need of a facelift.

However, this shouldn’t have to be the case!

Bathrooms have the potential to be luxurious, relaxing, and rejuvenating spaces. For this, there are several tips and tricks for making even the smallest bathroom look spacious with a choice of high-quality tiles and bathroom products.

So, before you head over to our Derby bathroom showroom to pick out all the things you need, here is all you need to know about how to make your bathroom look bigger in 8 simple steps.

1. Stick to lighter colours and neutral tones 

Light colours, especially white and ivory, give the illusion of a room being light and airy, even if in reality it is quite small. So, to make your bathroom look bigger than it is, opt for a light tile and wall colour, such as white paint, white grout lines, light fixtures, and white porcelain tiles.

However, by no means do you have to stick to white – you can offset the lighter colour with coloured tiles, coloured towels, a bright decorative accessory or two, bold colours on the wall, and bathroom fixtures in natural colours and materials. If bright colours aren’t your cup of tea, you can also go for a lighter tile with a texture – making the room pop with a tactile element rather than a statement colour.

2. Tile all the way up to the ceiling 

Another way to make your bathroom appear larger is to draw the eye upwards. To do this, consider installing wall tiles all the way up to the ceiling.

When browsing our tile collection in our Derby bathroom showroom, you might also check out larger tiles than you were initially thinking, as this can draw the eye outwards as well as upwards, giving the impression of the room being taller and wider than it is.

3. Consider whether a bath is really necessary 

Take a moment to consider your personal perspective about your bathroom space. If you don’t feel the absolute need for a bathtub, this can save you a lot of floor space in your bathroom.

There are many fantastic bathroom shower ideas that can give you even more of a luxurious spa feel than a bath whilst taking up half the space. If you do opt for a shower instead, opt for a clear glass shower screen to make the space feel bigger.

4. Get creative with your storage 

Having clutter rattling around your bathroom can really reduce the square footage of your bathroom space – not to mention that a messy bathroom isn’t the most aesthetically pleasing. Clever bathroom cabinets, bathroom furniture and bathroom fixtures are not only fantastic practical solutions but are a brilliant idea to create extra space in your bathroom.

To maximise your space, consider putting storage in the nooks and crannies and awkward spaces you don’t already use. There are plenty of options when it comes to useful storage hacks a to give you additional space, including putting storage under your sink, building recessed shelving into the walls, utilising drawer dividers, and including magnetic strips on the backs of cabinet doors for your razors, tweezers, metallic makeup brushes, and other small bathroom products.

5. If you can’t go out, go up! 

If you don’t have much floor space, make the most of your wall space by opting for bathroom products that can be attached to the wall. From a wall-hung unit to open shelving, tall and thin cabinets, or even mounting vanity units on the wall, there are several ways that you can increase the usable space in your bathroom with this technique.

6. Opt for bright lighting 

When we discussed colour schemes above, one thing is clear – the key is to make the room lighter and brighter. So, what better way to do this than to amp up your light sources? Maximise the amount of natural light by widening your window, moving things away from the windowsill, and getting rid of any bulky window dressings that could be blocking natural light even when they are open.

If your bathroom still feels quite dark, then it’s time to add in some new light sources. If your bathroom is on the top floor of your house, you might consider a skylight. If not, update your light fixtures to brighter ceiling and down lights.

7. Utilise mirrors 

Bathroom mirrors are one of the easiest and most affordable ways to make your room look larger. Go for the biggest mirror you can, or many smaller ones, depending on your preferred design aesthetic. As the mirrors will reflect the room back to you, this will create the illusion that the room is twice as big as it actually is. Though it won’t, of course, be quite as effective, you might achieve a comparable result with shiny, glazed tiles.

8. Avoid breaking up the space 

Even if your room isn’t small, if you have visual barriers such as shower curtains, frosted glass dividers, radiators, or even extra walls, this can break up space and thus make it look a lot smaller. To make the room seem larger, simply make it as open plan as you can. For some, a wet room with heated flooring might be the best option, whereas for others simply taking down a half wall will do the trick.

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