Is Bathroom Underfloor Heating Worth It?

As products go, bathroom underfloor heating is pretty up there with how innovative it is. Once installed, you can remove conventional radiator systems and use this type of floor heating product instead. Simply adjust the temperature setting and enjoy the gentle distribution of heat that is emitted from underneath your floor surface.

At Raynesway Tile & Bathroom Warehouse, we have helped plenty of people across Derby, and the nearby areas of Belper and Ashbourne, with these modern bathroom heating solutions. And, while our customers are very happy with the heating experience, a question we often get asked at the start of the process is: “Are they worth it?”.

So, in today’s blog, we thought we’d answer that exact question, and provide you with a list of pros and cons so that you can decide for yourself whether or not a conductive floor finish is worth it. To learn more about our range of floor tilesclick vinyl, or our ability to give your bathroom suite a new lease of lifecontact us today by phone on 01332 492 106 or email us at

Is This Bathroom Heating System Worth The Money?

While we are biased, we think it is worth it, especially if you’re planning on installing new flooring material (such as bathroom tiles) and renovating that room anyway. Our team can supply the underfloor heating as part of the bathroom refurb project so you’ll literally feel the heat benefits on your bare feet before you know it. Twin it with a smart underfloor heating thermostat and you can set the perfect temperature any time of the day or night. Here at Raynesway Tile & Bathroom Warehouse, we only supply the underfloor products, we do not install them.

Traditional conductors of heat such as bulky radiators are all well and good, and cheaper to install. However, in the long run, the annual costs will far exceed the underfloor heating cost. That’s because you’re working with a more modern, more energy-efficient product. Floor heaters only need to be heated up to around 30 degrees to effectively heat a room, whereas a conventional heater would need to go much higher (typically around 75 degrees) before you felt a benefit. Not only does this make this form of heating more expensive, but it also makes it more dangerous, especially around small children.

The Pros And Cons Of This Type Of Flooring


Underfloor heating systems distribute heat evenly across the entire bathroom, meaning no cold spots.

Enjoy a minimalist look without bulky radiators, or create more space for other pieces of furniture.

During those cold winter mornings, ditch the fluffy slippers and instead enjoy the feel of an underfloor heater.


This installation process can be expensive in properties where the room needs to be retrofitted for this type of heating system. This is because a lot of work has to be done in the floor space to make it suitable.

While the heat is far more energy-efficient, it does take a little while longer to come on. By programming the smart thermostat, however, you can avoid this waiting period and ensure it’ll be warm when you wake up or return from holiday, for example.

How We Can Help Here At Raynesway Tile & Bathroom Warehouse

So, bar a mildly inconvenient installation process, and the need to get to grips with a new thermostat, there really are no drawbacks to investing in this bathroom heating solution.

Our team can walk you through every step and will ensure the supplying process is simple and pain-free. We draw on years of experience are able to supply the underfloor products in good time. Before long, you’ll be enjoying the low running costs and gentle heat distribution.

To begin your journey toward an underfloor heating haven, get in touch with us by giving us a call on 01332 492 106 or email us at